Why the survival knife is the best tool for survival

best survival knifeIn this era, many of us believe that nothing can go wrong, but also a lot of us are deeply in need to protect and secure their families and not only this, but we must get out there in the wild and to know how to survive there, also the urban are becomes more and more dangerous and we need to prepared to defend our self and our beloved ones. This is why I understand to start a survival knife blog like this.

The survival¬† knives are tools that meant to help us … survive of course! This are great tools and we must know on which we can rely and on which we can not, because in today`s market there are a lot of fake products or products that will put your life in danger when you will need to do some batoning or if you will need to chop some wood to make an fire in the woods. Even if you are not a prepper or an avid survivalist, the know how of the bushcraft will be great for you. Many men and women also like to do bushcraft like fishing or other hobby.

Resource on wikipedia about this kind of stuff you can see by clicking on wiki.

I own many survival knives but the one I prefer is a Fallkniven, a great swedish brand, not cheap but in the woods you will not want to be cheap, trust me! You want a knife to rely on for a lot of activities like batoning, skinning, self defense, trimming, even shaving! And the one I deeply love is this one: http://survivalknifeguide.net/fallkniven-a1-survival-knife-review

I also saw some videos on youtube about this survival knife and I can share it with you a little later on this blog post about bushcraft and the tool that made men to conquer the wild!

What is your amazing tool to take in the woods with you?

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